Telepharmacy FAQ 🇨🇦

Telepharmacy FAQ 🇨🇦

Frequently asked questions about Parmazip Telepharmacy + AI

How can I register?

The app is not yet officially released, BUT we're onboarding early users to try the app and give us their feedback. Click on the sign up links below to get started:

When are you launching the app?

Stay tuned as we plan to release the app by Q2-Q3 of 2024

Is Parmazip covering other pharmacy services aside from minor ailments?

We're starting with minor ailment services for now. But we hear you! Do follow us on our socials to get the latest updates!

Do you cover OHIP patients?

In the initial launch, we will be covering paying patients. But our ultimate goal is to help the government reach as many patients in need, so we're going to setup OHIP coverages soon.

Is Parmazip free to use?

For providers (pharmacists and pharmacies), Parmazip is free to use.

For patients, you'll only have to pay $20 per consult*

*OHIP cardholders can consult with a pharmacist for free (SOON!)

Are we required to go on video call for the consult?

It's not required, and you will always be asked for consent if needed. Our pharmacists would prefer seeing their patients, especially if you have minor ailments that have visible symptoms.