Parmazip meets Filipino Pharmacists at Pharmacy U Toronto

Parmazip meets Filipino Pharmacists at Pharmacy U Toronto
Fellow Filipino Pharmacists and Pharmacy Owners based in Ontario.

On April 13, we were able to briefly attend the Pharmacy U event. Parmazip was able to meet a couple of Filipino pharmacists and pharmacy owners and was able to schedule interviews with them the following week.

Interviewing Pharmacy owners & pharmacists

Pharmacy challenges include busy workflows with significant tasks yet to be completed. There is consideration of adopting an assembly line setup, which seems ideal but would necessitate hiring an additional pharmacy assistant. While hands-on work is sometimes required, earnings are particularly low, especially from OHIP patients who receive subsidized medications. To address workload, relief pharmacists are being hired for in-store tasks, not for virtual consults.

Pharmacists face difficulties in convincing patients to consult with doctors, reaching more patients for minor ailment consultations, and educating patients effectively. Regarding virtual consults, this approach might be viable for Northern Ontario, where pharmacies are sparse and far apart. However, there are currently few minor ailment consultations occurring, with only 1-3 per day.

About Pharmacy U

Pharmacy U Toronto 2024 is a premier conference for pharmacy professionals, scheduled for April 13, 2024, at the International Centre in Toronto. It offers a platform for pharmacists, pharmacy owners, technicians, and students to engage in discussions on industry innovation and business practices.