Patient Consent & Acknowledgment Clause for Parmazip Telepharmacy Services

By submitting a virtual consultation request through Parmazip Telepharmacy, you confirm your informed consent to participate in a Minor Illness Assessment appointment involving you and a pharmacy professional from your chosen pharmacy.

You agree to the collection, use, disclosure, and storage of health information through Parmazip.

You attest that the information provided is accurate to the best of your knowledge.

You acknowledge the secure exchange of information and liability between you, the pharmacy, the pharmacy professional, Parmazip, and any other healthcare professionals involved in this consultation in accordance with accepted medication therapy management principles (see Parmazip Terms of Use).

You understand that the Parmazip Telepharmacy platform is a tool for pharmacists to conduct minor ailment consultations. Parmazip is not liable for any recommendations given by the pharmacy professional, who is solely responsible for all diagnoses, treatment plans, and medical-related activities.

You also understand that the pharmacy and pharmacy professional may use the details that you provide in the consultation to process information, including procedures, pricing or reimbursements, eligibility, and follow-ups.

Additionally, you recognize the inherent privacy and security risks associated with virtual care, if applicable, and the best practices implemented by you and the pharmacy to mitigate these risks.