Parmazip Features Explained

Parmazip Features Explained

The 3 Core Features

Parmazip has the 3 primary tools for pharmacies of any shape or size:

  1. Point of Sales (POS
  2. Inventory and Stock Control
  3. Reports

Point of Sales or POS

The POS interface helps pharmacies to easily record their daily sales – input multiple items to the card, add discounts, input customer details, and document single or multiple payment methods.

Inventory and Stock Control

This tool helps pharmacies to monitor the stocks of sellable items as well as its movement (going in and going out). The system also has a very friendly interface to help you easily track the number of stocks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Last but definitely not the least, we have beautifully crafted periodical reports. Whether you need a daily sales report or a monthly inventory stock report, Parmazip has all the essential ones just for you.

Curious about how Parmazip works?

Join us for a live demo and AMA (Ask me anything) session, and evaluate if Parmazip is right for your business.

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